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Business Owner

Looking to employ a new technology or make your internal processes more efficient?

PBIS Ltd. is a Digital marketing and Web design company in London. We have already helped many businesses to achieve their objectives and continue to support them as they grow, scale and diversify their product and services offering using effective online tools and digital marketing techniques. Contact now to find your path to growth.

Our Services

Web Design

  •   Responsive Web design
  •   Web applications
  •   Mobile websites
  •   Web portals
  •   Web development

Digital Marketing

  •   Organic search management
  •   Social media
  •   Directory listing
  •   Adwords management
  •   Email solutions

IT Support

  •   Server & AD setup
  •   Computer maintenance
  •   Software maintenance
  •   Data networking
  •   Data backup

Database Design

  •   MS SQL / My SQL / PL SQL
  •   Database developmant
  •   Database implementation
  •   Server Performance tuning
  •   Server configuration
Our Teams Values
Company Communication

Are you looking for a team of professionals?

Our teams values are all based around communication, collaboration, discovery and experimentation when scoping, designing and implementing the solution for every individual client!

We work in an interactive and incremental development environment and champion these values to inspire our client operation teams to also adopt such principles alongside continuous planning, testing and user feedback to enhance their outputs in their business as usual tasks and goals.

We promote the need for solutions to have a strategic element of fluidity, simplicity and speed in delivery and supporting so the entire project can be a pivotal point for further growth and business development in the ever changing market place! We automate the progress tracking system with database development and maintenance on live servers. You are just an email away from the team of professionals. Drop an email now to get in touch.

Project Management
Projects management

Do you want to handle your projects by professionals?

Many of our team members had started their careers in IT teams leading into management so we know too well that any web design or database development project is an incremental progression which sits on a strong foundation and emphasis on security, budget and maintenance resources. As many of us in the IT world, you most likely alongside your senior executives see that many industries are on the web or have automated many business processes but also evangelise the concept to phase into it to avoid support related issues after any go live. We also know you are regularly concerned and occasionally anxious about any changes to infrastructure as you are the key responsible executive for this side of your business. With this in mind, we also know you are tough due to your accountability to appoint trusted and professional resources to meet both your businesses IT needs and be active contributors to any business profit levels from such transformation projects under your management and approval. Call us now to get a quote for your project.

About Us

Our work

We have worked on a variety of projects which have saved our clients time and money whilst improving various types of quality including customer service, experience and retention rates. These components are important to every business owner and executive so we understand the need to provide value and innovation hence why our name is Perfect Business Information Systems!

PBIS is a website design company based in London and provides website development, web design, digital marketing, database design, database development, Computer networking, Cloud, IT support and web hosting services.

Bottom line we are passionate about helping our clients to reduce costs and rise revenue by utilising the use of web technology, business process automation and digital marketing. Our mission is “Helping people grow”. Following the line, drop an email with your needs and find out how we can help you.