Search Engine Marketing

The search engine is an amazing tool for the public to use for free to find the required information. Because almost everyone is using it once in a day, it is a good platform for advertising your products and/or services. Nowadays artificial intelligent search engines know the behaviors of the searcher and display the reliable results for the search queries. This is the reason it is worth to place products and services in search engine result pages (SERP). There are two options available on search engines for businesses called web marketing. At PBIS, we help our clients to achieve their goals using both options. For more information please contact us now.

The search components for search engines

  1. Organic search results
    • Text search (Keyword or phrase search)
    • Product search
    • Image search
    • Business search
    • Video search
    • News search
    • Location search
    • Near me options
  2. Pay per click (PPC) paid search appearence

Be present on SERP

PBIS Ltd optimizes your website to manage the organic search. It is the next step after SEO completed. It is a multi-sprint and multi-step process. It involves website content updates, internal link updates and HTML tags enhancements. Different search engines have some unique and special requirements. A webpage needs to meet those minimal recommendations to be indexed and ranked. In many cases, if your SEO is completed by some third party then we need to review before going ahead. Our work is always result oriented. What we say we do. Our mission is Helping People Grow.

SERP is a term used for the pages those contain results of the search query in the search engine.

An instant traffic generation tool

This option is a bit costly but good for the new businesses. It helps to generate an instant trafic to the website. it is the best option for a start up business. As soon as you will start using this option business will start generating revenue. In SERP search engines place some links at the top and bottom with an extesion "Ad". These links have bit specific look and attracts the searchers to click upon. As soon as someone clicks on an Ad the advertiser has to pay for it.