Database Design

We are leading professionals for database design & development in London. We develop simple to hierarchical & complex databases. Our database developers and database administrators team work under data analysts to achieve required business goals. We develop business intelligent reporting systems to drive an organization towards progress and success in business. Our database designers and database developers have long experience in data analysis and query the systems. Now you can imagine if a data analyst is designing the data then how efficient that database would be and what type of reports can be generated. We deal with MSSQL databases, MySQL databases, MS Access Databases and their import, export, report generation, database deployment and report generation tools. Please click on the main heading for more info. The services in relation to database are as below:

Looking for a management system?

It means you are moving towards paperless office. We have already developed many applications like it such as: stock management system, sales management system, employee management system, supply chain management system. In other words some time these systems are also called Point of Sale (POS) software, stock inventory software. At PBIS our professional database developers, software developers and web developers collectively work with analysts to create error free, optimized applications for businesses like you. We have general application for everyone’s use, but also develop dedicated applications for our clients.

Are looking for automatic reporting system for your business?

We specialise in data mining and fetching data from database efficiently and present in meaning full reports by converting data into information. Our database engineers can format information in any format that you need or your analysts’ desire, like in tables or different types of graphs / charts. Our designed reporting systems provide more flexibility and precise reports. A single click action generates more than a single report. The system also can consolidate the reports as you need for further decision making process.

Got redundant data after a long wait?

If it is case then you are at right website. Most of the times, data cleaning is a solution to this problem. This problem usually comes up due to wrong database design and sometimes from sub-standard data capturing application. Our experienced database engineers found problems in data fetching queries while joining two or more tables. We offer cleansing your database using backup and restore techniques and delete duplicate records in production environment without any disruption in your system. Does not matter how big database is, our professionals engineers will handle efficiently.

Waiting for a long time to get simple information?

We also offer tune up the performance of your database application and hosting server. We log the performance counter first; quantify the processes as per the size for database and set priorities; then implement the optimization strategy if needed. Re-write the join queries, transform stored procedures and SQL functions in optimistic coding using our tools and techniques, manage database servers’ cache and re-define the priorities of processes on to the database server for quick responses. Our database engineers are performing such tasks on daily bases so your project is in hands of qualified and experienced engineers, who care for data protection act, comply the rules of the company and respect the privacy of our clients