Fully Responsive Websites

PBIS offers professionally designed, fully responsive mobile friendly websites. These websites are ready to open at any screen size without any loss of information or functionality. A consistant look and feel is a base of our website design. Websites respond as per visitor's actions on the webpages. Our web design services include progressive web application.

Mobile friendly websites

Nowadays in business world it is not enough to have a website. More than 80% people are using mobile phones to search things on the go. Search engines prioritise mobile friendly websites to show in their results (SERP). Such type of website have low paload means less data to transfer so load and respond quickly. The smaller the load time, more visitors’ interaction and engagement and more chances to get business leads. The bottom-line is your business website needs to be mobile friendly and should work well on smaller screens.

A well designed mobile friendly website must have components like easily readable fonts, clickable / touchable buttons, clear navigation and is simple to use. It will give the user an understanding where to go, how to navigate through or what would be the next action to take.

For example most of the businesses expecting calls, emails or requests for call back. In this scenario each page of the website should have apparent buttons to take an action as it appears in images.

What we need adaptive or responsive website?

The best solution is having both features adaptive and responsive as well. Many people interpret that responsive website means the website is responding to the device but we are developing websites for clients not for the devices. Devices are only tools to interact with a website. Response to the device from website is adoptability. So what does a responsive website means?

A website said to be responsive if it infers visitor’s action and responds accordingly. This is a part of the study of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is under research. Only 7% to 10% responsiveness is available yet in this world. To understand responsiveness there is an example: You might have gone through the experience while you are closing the browser and a website prompts are you sure? or offers you some deal on a product. Our team is working on it for more information about responsiveness you can contact us and find what we can offer for you particular scenario.