Digital Marketing

Our research team has developed new strategies and tools for digital marketing. PBIS is a digital marketing company in London. We help businesses to appear in organic search genuinely using tested search engine marketing techniques. We craft business specific online marketing strategy to meet the busines goals and generate more business leads. Web marketing is a combination of various marketing channels like Search engine marketing (organic search, pay per click), email marketing, social media marketing & business directories markeitng. At PBIS we offer full digital marketing solution for your business under a single umbrella. We are focused on the rapid business growth. We analyse your business and your competitors to find the right way and uniqueness in your business to market it. We also help you to build uniqueness in your services / products. It enables you to answer "Why someone should come to you?". Poular online marketing trends are discussed below please click on headings for more.

Be present in serach engine results!

Our success is our loyal clients. PBIS already helped many organizations to get more clients through a quality web traffic using search engine marketing and search engine optimization. Our experienced marketing team develops a business specific digital marketing strategy to generates more quality business leads. The quality leads are easier to convert into active clients.

Search engine marketing categories

  1. Organic Search (Search engine optimization) SEO
  2. Paid Search Adword / Pay per click (PPC)

Appearance in organic search needs to be ranked in search engine index. Furthermore it needs a well designed and optamized website. We optimise your website to gain high ranking and become closer to the top of the first page in search engines. For paid search of search engine marketing, we design AdWords for Pay per Click (PPC) and manage them to to get good results.

Is social media marketing important in digital marketing?

Proper presentation of organisations on social media is, as importanat as the website development. Nowadays more than 85% of the population is present on social media. It is a great opportunity to include social media marketing in your digital media marketing strategy. So presence of an organization on a social media become important. Social media positions businesses in the digital market, to gain right market share from competitors and grows businesses. Even search engine weighs level of communication of a business before ranking a website for organic search. More social media links and popularity means heigher ranking. This process is called social media marketing. We analyse business and craft social media digital stragtegies for our clients and implement them to ensure the success.

Direct call to action to your expected clients?

We offer complete email marketing solution with a standard format templates emails for you to draft a professional email and send to the various recipients with a single click. Our email marketing platform is a web based application runs in any browser. No skills needed to configure and format emails. It is easier to use to compose emails. You can use any device like computer, tablet or even a mobile phone to send emails to your clients on the go. Even it does not need a big data package because as soon as you will click the send button you can go off line, our servers will do the rest of the job. Please note: Email sending to your subscribers is worth. Spam email is an illlegal act and we do not support it.

Do you want to be noticed in your local area?

Local area residents know each other or it is easier to know and talk, so client relationship becomes easier and more reliable. Yes it is hard to say your neighbour I can provide this service and charge for it, but if your neighbour comes to you to ask your help for the services / products you offer then it is easier to offer it for a genuine price. Google calls it local marketing. Now think about a nice user experience that you are going to provide to your neighbour so that it can refer you to its other friend.

At PBIS we register your business on behalf of you on to the local business directories and present it you as per your business strategy and uniqueness in your services / products. Presentation is the main key element to make someone to reach to you.