IT Support

At PBIS, our expert team has over 20 years’ experience in the field. We provide IT support to companies for their regular IT needs. We repair your computers and remove the VIRUS. Our service engineers upgrade your computer and laptops. We help you to keep your machines updated. We replace laptop screens. Our engineers tune up the performance of your computers. PBIS helps clients to manage their data efficiently and securely. We design the computer network for data communication. We set computer and network security for you. You can talk about the virtual private network (VPN) and server admin with us. Nowadays Virtual Private Network is a trend and is a need as well. VPN is a great choice for Data backup and secure data transfers. You can click on headings for more info. Contact us now for more information

Computer network provides consistent data throughout the organization

There are two ways to build a computer network. These are a cable network and wireless network. We specialize in both. The network is a great way to share common resources like printers, internet connection, and data. It minimizes the cost and makes the most of usage. The network helps managers to control the visibility and access to the resources. It enforces the security of data. The shared data increase the efficiency of a company. Benefits of the network are controlled access and privacy of data. Our team can build an efficient network with minimal disruption in normal work processes.

Need secured network between two or more offices?

If yes then the name of the solution is Virtual Private Network (VPN). You are at the right place to get a solution. We develop a virtual network to connect offices in different office cities over the internet connections. Just you need a reliable internet connection in each office. It is enough for us to develop a VPN for you. That is all you need to share all the available resources. The resources include file, data and even printers in different offices. It is a quicker, secure and efficient way to manage a business from a central position. VPN helps admins to have more control over resources in an organization.

Computer is too slow & annoying pop-ups are present?

Ooh, your computer is infected with VIRUS. Now it needs VIRUS removal. VIRUS stands for ‘Vital Information Resources Under Seize’. It is a malicious script or a program running on your computer. Keep in mind always VIRUS comes before its solutions. Antivirus companies develop solution after they get sample data from an infected machine. There is no grantee; an antivirus can always protect your computer. We are here to remove the VIRUS from your computer. We remove the VIRUS and update your computer. Update helps you to ensure that the same VIRUS does not attack on your machine. Antivirus definitions are very critical. Always make sure that antivirus definitions are up to date. We can also secure your data if you need it.

Do you need a computer repair?

We fix your computers. We replace the hard disks, RAM, and install an operating system. Our engineers configure your computer as you need. We repair laptops. We also replace laptop screens. We repair motherboards. At PBIS, we upgrade your computers and laptops. For regular IT support, we also do contracts. Our IT support is perfect for small to medium businesses. We complete most of the tasks within 48 hours. In some cases if a component is not in our stock. It may take longer to repair. In such case we try to place order ASAP to reduce the delay in maintenance. Contact us for further information for repairs.

Do you need a server?

Our server team installs and configure servers as you need. We deal with Microsoft and Linux Servers. At PBIS, we work with web servers, database servers, and Exchange servers and file servers. We set up ADDS (Active Directory Domain Server) for you. We deploy VDI and remote applications for our clients. We also set up group policy on the server for you. Our engineers transform your policies on to your IT set-up. We provide continuous support to you for your IT infrastructure. PBIS is here to make your system always up and running. Server maintenance and upgrade services are also available with us. There are many more other services are available. We are on the way to provide virtual servers for your experiment and commercial purposes. Please drop an email for the services you are looking for.