Organic Search Management

PBIS Ltd optimizes your website for the impressions in the organic search. It is the next step after SEO completed. It is a multi-sprint and multi-step process. It involves website content updates, internal link updates and HTML tags enhancements. Different search engines have some unique and special requirements. A webpage needs to meet those minimal recommendations to be indexed and ranked. In many cases, if your SEO is completed by some third party then we need to review before going ahead. Our work is always result oriented. What we say we do. Our mission is "Helping People Grow". We manage following organic search categories:

  1. Text search (Keywords and phrase searches)
  2. Image search
  3. Product search
  4. Business search
  5. Location search
  6. Video search
  7. News search

Find where does your website stands on SERP

After SEO we are expecting the website should appear in SERP. It is important for SEO professionals to find the ranking of a website. It shows the success or failure of SEO. We use cutting-edge technologies for our projects to track web pages in SERP. We have time-tested tools to track the search ranking for the websites. After waiting a few days we analyse the gain or loss in ranking. This process helps us to reform or policies and strategies to achieve the goals.

SERP is a term used for the pages those contain results of the search query in the search engine.

Importance of search engine rank maintenance

Almost every month there are changes in the ranking algorithms. Another issue is changing search trends. Searchers are using the different terms to search the same product. Indeed yes, now search engines have artificial intelligence to find synonyms for words. Search algorithms always trying to display the best match for the search phrase. So in one or another way search words and phrases contribute to the rank of the search results. It is important to meet these changing trends. To meet these changes we need to change the flow of words on the website.