Web Design

PBIS Ltd is a web design company in London. We have a team of expert web developers and analysts. We design and develop various web solutions for different types of trade. Internet and web business is our passion. We are developing and integrating different technologies to maximise convertion from website visitors into clients (Lead generation). Our newer technologies load a website within 1 second. These technologies save visitors internet data usage and waiting time to load. We are more than happy to discuss your website needs. We certainly provide a stout solution. Please click on the headings below for detailed information on our website development services.

Looking for an all in one solution?

Progressive web apps are an implementation of a brand new technology. Websites, that are developed using this technology, automatically installs themselves onto the visitor’s devices after a simple prompt to the user for a permission. Such websites have numorus benefits, such as:

  • It serves as a mobile application as well as a desktop application
  • Information is available to clients off-line
  • Update clients with messages even when their browser is closed by using push notifications
  • Responsive and compatible on all devices regardless of any manufacturer or device size. You can name any like Apple devices, Andriod etc.
  • A single solution covers a wide range of devices as compared to a responsive website, causes more queries and clients.

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Are you looking for a responsive website

Using Artifical Intelligence (AI), we are implementing website responses to the visitors according to their actions on the webpages, the next step of the responsive web design. It is an advenced technique to engage visitors positively. It does not onlty help for lead generation but also gives an amazing user experience. In our testing period we have a great success. We count encouraging visitors with engagement, as a lead generation tool on mordern websites. Contact us for more information or a quote for a modren website.

For the PBIS, the website that responds to various device screen sizes is an adaptive website. This type of website, just re-arranges its components as per the visitor’s device screen and display accordingly.

Get fully adaptive website

Recent research shows that 82% of internet usage is on mobile phones. The Internet has resources in form of websites and web applications. There is an array of smart devices available in the market. It is lavish to develop separate websites for countless devices. We offer a single solution for all the devices: “a fully adaptive website”. We have a team of skilled web designers and developers to work for you. We will provide you an adaptive website as you dream. It will adjust itself in almost each device screen and display contents accordingly. The responsiveness adds extra value to adaptiveness to engage the visitor and encourage it to generate a query.

Blogs & news channels are data driven websites!

If you have plans to hire a web developer, to write a blog or develop a news website. You are at the right place. For backlinking to your website, and to educate your clients, a blog is a good tool. Such websites are “Data-Driven Websites”. At PBIS, we take care of the whole design and development process. Our professional team of web designers, developers & data analysts are here for you. They will meet all of your requirements. We develop such type of websites with high efficiency and a strong focus on user experience. We design fully responsive admin panels highly focused on usability. It reduces the need for staff training, so there are no interruptions during the transformation phase. For more information, please contact us

Do you need an employee web portal?

Automation in management is a trend these days. The web portal is the best move towards paperless offices. As well as being a tool for devices security and privacy. It serves well on intranet and extranet. It also helps to share data for design and development purposes. Web portal enables you to generate a virtual team over the globe. Many organizations are using this tool for their growth. Web portal may have different names like employee portal, student portal, client portal or research portal and so on. Our professionals have already designed various web portals for diverse organizations. We are happy to help you with yours.

Selling products or services online?

If yes, we develop e-Commerce solutions for our clients. Our client-focused techniques are the best to achieve your business goals. E-commerce web solutions is a combination of a fully responsive web design, a customer web portal, and a payment gateway. Usually, we develop it in three phases. At PBIS, we allow launching the fully responsive website first. This allows you to start advertisement and the website will start getting hits. This way, you will be able to observe the traffic and product trends before completion of the project. By observing the trends, you can craft best policies for your business. Just contact us for a demo and see how efficiently we can help you to sell your products online.

Are you targeting mobile phone users? Get mobile websites!

More than 82% of people are using mobile phones to search for information online these days. Even search engines assign a higher ranking to mobile websites. We help our clients for their mobile website design. Our designed mobile websites fit seamlessly in all mobile phone screens. The development of a mobile website needs a mixture of skill & technique. It helps to achieve quick loading website. Most of the companies choose the mobile first design to put more focus on the mobile website. So contact us now for more info.

Web applications are a choice of the business solutions

Web applications are a trend these days due to their on-going advantages. It is a panacea for small to medium businesses. All workers can work from anywhere in the world to achieve common business goals. Having is a best opportunity to run a virtual business. Contact us now to get one for your business.

Do you need to develop or Implement an API?

API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface. It is a tool that provides remote services to clients. There are many web services available like shopping carts, money transactions, GPS integration and tracking systems. Contact us to get your own.

Do you need a simple and sleek website?

A static website is a basic website with a plain HTML code. Their content does not change. It has very low cost of development. It appears same on all devices.. It does not adapt the device screen. Sometimes it becomes harder to read on small screens.