Fully responsive websites

PBIS offers professionally designed, fully responsive mobile friendly websites. These websites are ready to open at any screen size without any loss of information or functionality.

Nowadays in business world it is not enough to have a website. More than 80% people are using mobile phones to search things on the go. Search engines prioritise mobile friendly websites to show in their results. The bottom-line is your business website needs to be mobile friendly and should work well on smaller screens.

A well designed mobile friendly website must have components like easily readable fonts, clickable / touchable buttons, clear navigation and is simple to use. It will give the user an understanding where to go, how to navigate it or what would be the next action to take.

For example most of the businesses expecting calls, emails or requests for call back. In this scenario each page of the website should have apparent buttons to take an action as it appears in images.

Mobile friendly websites

The best solution is to have a responsive website, but what does exactly responsive website mean?

A responsive website adapts itself to the visitors’ screen. You do not need to have separate website for mobile devices. It saves your development and maintenance cost and effort for different websites. Watch video to see how web page adopts different screen / window sizes.

A mobile friendly website is compatible to all screen resolutions and could automatically switch to any resolution and resize images as soon as the user switches from a tablet to iPhone. In short, it automatically responds to a user preference.

Today’s major search engines prefer websites to show in search results only with high performance and a considerable good user experience. Performance refers page load times (How quickly it loads at limited bandwidth internet connections) and user experience refers its design and responsiveness. Design refers to site navigation, contents and appearance. Navigation means how quickly and easily visitors can navigate through the site and able to contact you. In case of contents, it should give the information that they need instantly and thoroughly avoiding unnecessary and irrelevant contents. Appearance refers how images, buttons and text presented and aligned on to the webpage. How easily a visitor can understand, find the next step to perform and able to perform it.