SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

PBIS Ltd offers optimization of a website to meet search engine requirements. Search engine optimization refers to on-site optimization and off-site otimization. Our search engine optimization involves text and image optimization. We videos as well if available on to the website. Analysing search engines we found out people make searches for following categories.

  1. Text search (Keywords and phrase searches)
  2. Image search
  3. Product search
  4. Business search
  5. Location search
  6. Video search
  7. News search

We work on all possible options for our clients to generate a good amount of quality traffic. Our analysits have experience to craft strategy for any type of businesses. We are always working for quality trafic and lead genration for our clients. Our professionals look at all aspects of optimization. The major aspects of optimization are

  1. Onsite optimization
  2. Off-site optimization

Webpage optimization

  • Code optimization
  • Content optimization
  • Page behaviour optimization

Our developers analyse the code of your website. We remove all the errors and unnecessary code to optimize it. We update the code to meet the standards of search engines. Sometimes we insert some extra code to make the website better for search engines to understand. We optimize contents for the target keywords. Website contents includes “text, image, video and products/srevices”. Content and image compression alongwith server status code optimization for correct responses.

Business directory management and back linking

It is a strategic process to highlight services and generating links from other wesites with relavent keyword. It is an on-going process because it’s impact takes some time to appear. It is measured by the constant presence on social media and different business directories. Business directories help in three ways, a) Back link generation b) Business awareness c) Local marketing

Social media management

85% of the public is using such media like Facebook, Twitter, linkedIn, Instagram etc. It is a perfect platform to market your business. Such media allows to generate your business pages to promote your business. It also helps to generate back linking as well. There is a great opportunity to promote a business on such platform because maximum people are present on the media. In such case brand and business awareness becomes easy and valuable.