Our project management process

We folow agile methodology to execute our projects. It helps us to accommodate changes in project requirements in the phase of its development.


Importance of communication between you and developers.

Our stakeholder and developers work closely to ensure to make your dream project live. In this way you know each and every phase what it is going on? What measure are taken to k=make your project success? Is development is going to the right direction? and so on....

Our web development process

Steps we follow::

  • Prepare and submit a reort of competitors’ websites’ analysis & list of keywords being searched to find similar businesses to the client
  • Get number of pages and a finalised list of keywords frrom client.
  • Scedule the project and send the scheduled dates to the client.
  • As per schedule collect website contents and prepare demo screenshots in jpeg format and send to client for approval of colour plan and content presentation.
  • After approval we start coding the website and prepare a prototype and have a meeting with a client for the approval of functionality and interaction with client as decided in the first step of the process.
  • After approval remaining website will be developed, tested and send to client for approval
  • After approval the website will be launched.