IT support

We support organisations for their IT needs. We repair computers, remove VIRUS, and tune up computers for their high performance, replace laptop screens, design and develop networks for data communication and organisational data management, implement computer security and network security. We build policies and implement them at organizational level for shared resources assess and usage. At PBIS, our professional team have over 20 years’ experience in computer maintenance, computer network development, Design and implement virtual private network (VPN), data resources sharing and implementing security using policies. We specialise in various type of servers’ management like, MySQL, MSSQL, Windows Server, Linux Server administration and configuration. Nowadays Virtual Privte Network is a trend and is needed for Data backup, data transfer and secure data transfers.

Do you think about fresh & consistent data availability throughout the organization?

We connect computers using Ethernet cable or wireless channel to build a reliable computer network to share available resources such as printer, files, folders, databases and internet connection. It saves money, individual maintenance cost, and other resources. It also removes the hassle of sharing files and data among employees. It provides full control over data to an organization’s administration. It is easy to control the level of assess on each part of data and track who is seeing what. This process improves efficiency of an organization and removes delays and wastage of time. Our professional team can build an efficient network with minimal disruption in normal work processes.

Need secured connection between two or more offices?

If yes then the name of solution is Virtual Private Network (VPN). You are at right place to get the solution. We develop computer network and connect offices in different cities or countries using virtual private network through internet connections. Just you should have a reliable internet connection in each office then we can develop a VPN for you. It will help you share all the resources, file, data and even printers available in different offices. It is a quicker, secure and efficient way to manage business from a centralised position.

Computer is too slow & annoying pop-ups present?

Ooh your computer is infected. It needs cleaning to remove malicious scripts / software from your computer. Keep in mind always VIRUS comes before their solutions. Antivirus companies develop solutions after they get sample data of an infected machine, so there is no grantee that always antivirus protects your computer. We are here to help you to secure your data and clean your computer to make it back to the normal operations

Do you need a computer repair?

We fix computers, replace hard disk, screen, RAM, install operating system and configure as per your requirements. We also replace laptop screens, and repair mother boards for your computer laptops.

Do you need server?

We install, configure and manage Windows / Linux servers for companies like you. We set up web servers, Active Directory, Remote application deployment & access and Email servers. Our server management team specialise in VDI deployment using hypervisor on MS Server 2012 and MS SERVER 2016 as per your company policies and to meet your required goals. We also install and configure MSSQL and MySQL servers and implement securities as per your policies.